These three dolls are featured in my new book, Spirit Dolls, along with eleven others.
The dolls shown here are examples of the three pattern variations contained in the book,
which include basic, angel, and goddess body shapes.

Alaska, spirit doll in memory of teaching trip to Anchorage, Alaska by Robin Atkins, bead artist

Alaska brings back wonderful memories of teaching beading workshops in Anchorage. I began working on her while I was there, incorporating fabric, shells, and other embellishments that I found or that were given to me during the trip. Spirit dolls made for remembering help to keep special memories vital and present.

Body shape: basic spirit doll

Love Angel, spirit doll by Robin Atkins, bead artist

I made Love Angel to remind me that being loved and loving is what really matters. I've made countless spirit dolls for and about close friends and family which celebrate our love for each other. This one helps me keep my focus on love when going through the little bumps which happen in relationships.

Body shape: angel spirit doll

Full Recovery Companion, healing spirit doll made for a friend with breast cancer, by Robin Atkins, bead artist

With a few additions by some of her friends who were taking a spirit doll class from me, I made Full Recovery Companion for a friend who was about to start radiation treatments for breast cancer. The fabric, from a line called "Healing Gardens," includes morning glory and periwinkle; both are plants used in cancer research. The embellishments include garnets, which are thought to have great healing powers. The doll, of course, holds my prayers that my friend will soon recover fully, both physically and mentally. Spirit dolls made for healing offer loving support to those who are suffering from illness or loss.

Body shape: goddess spirit doll

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